Monday, December 3, 2007


Today, a couple variations on the book, t-shirt, bag idea from Friday. These are all gifts for cousins, so a little smaller gift was okay.

First up, a girl version:

The tote is made from a very dark-washed denim. The straps are from a recycled belt. The patch on the front is a pocket this time.

Second, a fabric applique version:

The book I chose for this gift is amazing, but the illustrations are a little abstract and didn't translate well to the project. So I decided to try to make a replica of the house in the story out of fabric and felted wool. I am in love with this bag! I need to wrap it soon so I don't try to keep it for myself! (These would be great for those of you without access to a scanner!)

Third, a wee one version:

This is for a very little one that might not appreciate a book bag just yet! The bib is from Ikea and comes in a package of 5, I always buy a set when I make it there. They wash up (and bleach) really nicely and work great for quick gifts.

So, there you have it! I really love it when one idea inspires more and more ideas.

A couple other things...welcome to those of you that are coming over from the CRAFT blog! And a special thanks to Sarah for point them my way! Also be sure to stop by tomorrow as it is a very special day and I guarantee there will be lots of fun going on here!


Sarah said...

Love the totes!

Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow! :o)

Amy Jo said...

Love the bag - it's so adorable....I understand why you would want to keep it!!

And the bib is great!!

Anxiously waiting for tomorrow!

amandajean said...

these are such great ideas-I am so impressed!!

hurray for being featured on CRAFT blog. isn't that fun?

looking forward to tomorrow!

Mary Ann said...

This post is just loaded with goodness! I'll swing by tomorrow with the champagne!

Vallen said...

Everyday you just surprise and delight me all over again.

Katherine said...

Great looking gift ideas for tots, Roxanne! I have a weakness for applique - it just adds so much to a project. Love it!