Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mini Books

Wow Tuesday already...where did the weekend go? I really did get a ton done this weekend, just not a ton finished. Soon, hopefully soon. I did get this little gift done though. My niece K is 10 and absolutely loves to write stories, so when I saw the cute little handmade books making the rounds out there I knew they would be perfect for her. (Basically you sew down the center of the paper to make the booklet - don't try too many sheets at once! My sewing machine complained a little after about 6 or 8.)

They really only took minutes and it was a great excuse to pull out my scrapbook paper and play! I also included some plain labels to decorate for the covers.

And its wrapped up in the good Ikea paper, because K knows things like that are important. I'm a good influence wouldn't you say? :) I got her several other gifts, but I think this one might provide some immediate entertainment on Christmas morning.


amandajean said...

oh, she will love the books. that wrapping paper is fantastic. I need to make a little trip to IKEA!

Mary Ann said...

Fabulous Auntie Roxy, you're so good!

Katherine said...

Very pretty! That paper is gorgeous - the design would be wonderful as a fabric too.
Great gift ideas, Roxanne!

Amy Jo said...

Those are adorable....love them! And that paper is GREAT!

Breanna said...

Your little books are so pretty! I made some for my guys for Christmas, but I used staples and not so lovely card stock for covers. If they are a hit, I think I might follow your lead and fancy mine up a bit.