Thursday, June 12, 2008

chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on fudge

It's my husband's 35th birthday today. He is a die hard chocolate lover. So I made him Triple Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with 2 kinds of chocolate frosting. And then I took them all to his office. The seams on my pants are thanking me already.

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I have no excuse except gray skies, lots of rain, bad attitudes and a whiny two year old. See, you didn't want to read about that stuff anyway, right? :) See you tomorrow.


Blondie said...

uh, YUM.

My son said, "Ooo, that looks good. I would definitely like that, you know."

amandajean said...

happy birthday to your hubby!

wanna swap whiny 2 year olds? mine is driving me crazy, too. and the rain!! my yard is a sponge.

ismoyo said...

Wow that cupcake looks delicious.
Lucky hubby. Congratulations!

Hello, I'm Sally. said...

Are you saying you didn't even eat one cupcake?! Wow, I'm impressed by your strong will. Those look good!

Oh yes, whiny kids. *sigh* We've had much of the same here, bad weather and bad attitudes! Hopefully some sun will come and cheer us all up!

Vallen said...

I'm not even that much of a chocolate fan and, truthfully, I would dive into that baby head first and only come up for air after licking the cupcake liner clean of crumbs.

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!
Yum! Those cupcakes sound delicious, care to share the recipe????

hee hee... I have similar reasons (except for the whiny two year old part...;o) for being MIA lately like you. Here's to sunny skies and happy attitudes!