Monday, November 12, 2007

Reggie's Blanket

Last Friday I went to a baby shower for my friend Rachel and baby Reggie. It was so fun to see how much he had grown! What a little cutie!! I have loved watching Rachel transform into this amazing mother. From holding her hand at her 10 week ultrasound and seeing this tiny little being jumping around to now seeing her feeding, burping, and changing like an old pro, I just can't tell you what an honor it is to be a part of her life. I love ya Rach!!
So, here is the blanket I made for Reggie. This lucky little boy has been born into a long line of sports fanatics, so this one just seemed fitting. If you choose to zoom in, you will probably notice this was made from a panel, but I did machine quilt it myself and added the R, made from a vintage chenille bedspread I got at a garage sale this summer (do you hear my quarter clinking in the jar?). Hopefully it will be loved for a long time, just like Reggie.
Tuesday Rachel heads back to the office. I can't imagine what that must be like, because I chickened out before it came to that and ran as fast as I could from my office never to look back! She is very successful at everything she does though, and I'm sure she will be able to find a balance.
Take care my friend, I hope you have as good a day as possible. I'll be thinking about you.


Vallen said...

Precious. I don't know how new mom's do it, go back to work I mean. I couldn't tear myself away from those little bundles.

amandajean said...

Reggie's blanket is adorable! and how wonderful to have such a good friend.

Linda said...

That quilt is just too cute! I'm sure Rachel will treasure it always.