Monday, September 10, 2007

Thrift Store Book Review - Part 1

Hi All! Not much crafting going on around here, even though I have a million and one ideas. I am supposed to be working on some marketing stuff for my brother-in-law's auction company, and thus have put myself on a sewing ban until I get it done. In the meantime though, my house is getting really clean! Procrastination is the best way to motivate the cleaning machine in me.

So, even though I don't have any new projects to show off, I thought I would share some book reviews from my ever growing pile of sewing, crafting, entertaining books from thrift stores and garage sales.

Book One: Women's Day Bazaar Best Sellers, copyright 1983

I found this book at the Salvation Army for 25 cents. All library discards are 25 cents there - I love it!! There are a lot of basic crochet and knitting patterns in here.

And some sewing....some patterns just need a little fabric update...
While other are just plain hilarious!

And of course a few classic food magnets thrown in for good measure! I think Sydney would get a kick out of these!

Overall my opinion is a big thumbs up - worth every last cent!


Sarah said...

Ah procrastination... in attempting to get ready for 2 craft fairs and the holidays, I've completely shifted around the furniture in my living room!

Very cool book! What detergent bottle doesn't need an "apron"?

Vallen said...

I'm pretty sure my mom has one of those detergent aprons or I may have accidentally let it fall in the trash once.

amandajean said...

Love the book. My aunt makes those dish detergent aprons. :)

I so need a pair of those slippers-they are seriously cute!

maggiegracecreates said...

Raoxanne and company - take off over to plump pudding from the maggiegrace side bar. She is doing quite well right now selling those soap bottle aprons. Just had one featured in a current magazine. Everything old is new again - hopefully that works for old farts like me too.