Sunday, September 30, 2007

Awesome friends...

I'm sure like me, you've all met some out here. I certainly hope so anyway. There is nothing like a blog buddy, and here's proof!

Amy from Life at AJ's posted a while back about making a zippered pouch. She was commenting on how expensive zippers are and so I left her a comment about my gigantic zipper collection and offered to send her some. We decided a swap was in order, so I sent off a handful of zippers and look what she sent me! I kind of feel bad, zippers are in great supply at my house and they certainly don't measure up to all this awesome stuff!

A beautiful bracelet!

With matching keychain!

A bookmark, which I love! And she made it extra long to fit in all my thrift store craft books.

And this cute decorative clipboard. Isn't this great? I have already used this a ton - great for projects in front of the tv!

THEN, the ever generous Mary Ann sent me my Pay It Forward gift! (You have a whole year to get this done if you were a part of this fun Challenge. Of course Mary Ann is an early bird!) I am absolutely in love with this little beauty named Gretal.

She has already found a home in my kitchen - what do you think?

Mary Ann knows my fabric weakness and sent along this beauty as well! I can't wait to make myself a bag out of it! You'll see me coming with that one, won't you!?

Thanks Amy and Mary Ann!! You sure know how to make a girl's day!


amandajean said...

yes, blogger friends are great! you got some fun things there. i love the clipboard. and I love the green in your kitchen, too. ;)

Mary Ann said...

The beads in the goodies from Amy are SO cute! And Greta looks so "tweet" hanging in your kitchen! (Beautiful color, by the way.) I'd hoped you'd love her:) And the fabric, well, you know. It's fabric. What else can I say?!

Katherine said...

Proof that blogger friends rock! Love the goodies you received from Amy and Mary Ann. Lucky you!

Amy Jo said...

Greta is adoreable!! And looks great in your kitchen! Glad you enjoyed the goodies. I can't wait to get into those zippers.