Monday, July 26, 2010

More Nature Stuff!

Nope, no baby news around here just yet.  Soon, hopefully soon!  In the meantime we've been growing some beautiful Monarch butterflies.  Sydney and her cousin each found a caterpillar on July 3rd.  We brought them home and before we knew it that had each formed their chrysalis.  A couple weeks later two beautiful Monarch butterflies emerged. 

Hard to see much in these pictures....the orange cup still has a little green chrysalis at the top, the red is just after the butterfly emerged.
We are using this book as our guide. 
The Family Butterfly Book It's got great instructions for care as well as a nice listing with pictures of different kinds of butterflies.  We've checked out every possible library book on butterflies and this is by far the best.    We've already had a discussion about the rather short life span of butterflies, so hopefully Sydney won't be tramatized if they don't make it very long.  She's already planning her specimen box!  (Yep, pretty sure I have a little scientist on my hands here.) 


becki said...

Looks like so much fun! I have a feeling we will be having lots and lots of "bug stuff" around our house too! Hopefully you don't have too much longer to go, I've been very content in these last 8 weeks, but I'm sure that will change real fast!

Wendy B said...

Oh Sydney looks so grown up!!! I miss her so!!! Love ya Girlie!

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