Friday, April 9, 2010

Wedding Quilt

Some close friends of ours got married in March.  Do you ever struggle with gift giving at weddings?  Should you stick to the registery, give something personal, or just give up and stick some cash in a card??  I decided that since we were close friends I could forgo the registry list and do something personal.  Plus both the bride and the groom are in their 30's and well established, so I wasn't worried that they desperately needed that cake pan I was going to buy them.  So I made them a quilt!

(Sorry in advance for the bad photos...this was just moments before I shoved it in a box and walked out the door to the wedding!)

The design was inspired by about 10 different quilts I found on flickr.  I knew it needed to be modern, and I wanted the blue/brown combo somehow.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and they liked it too!  That's always the scary part, isn't it?

My sister was kind enough to quilt this for me on her quilting frame.  And she even hand sewed the binding for me!  She did an amazing job - I love the free form swirls.

So, did I make this all with stuff I had on hand, saving me tons of money on a gift?  Well, no.  But I'm pretty sure I still spent less than I would have on a store-bought gift and hopefully they will enjoy it much longer than that cake pan.


Very Mary said...

I DO! (wasn't that witty?)

amandajean said...

what a fun quilt!

Katherine said...

It's so beautiful, Roxanne. Definitely miles ahead of anything store bought... even a cake pan! LOL