Friday, October 23, 2009

enjoying the season

Hope you are doing the same.


Sarah said...

I just posted leaf jumping pics last night too...too funy! My kids love playing in them. :)

becki said...

Way too cute! Looks like your weather is still nice up north! I wish we had a bit more fall color change here, but I think the early freeze changed that this year. I guess here's to a productive winter of crafts and quilting!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had had the time to go out jumping in our leaves myself. But I was busy while DH and teen ager DD raked them.
Looks like you have an interesting blog. May I add that your fascinating wooden sale find is actually a wooden item made in India around the 1970s that people used on the table as trivets under casseroles/hot dishes. I have two of them myself.