Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Gifting

It seems like I am in gift making mode around here...I should really keep it up and get going on Christmas gifts. For now though I am focused on birthdays! My nephew turned 6 last week. I purchased part of his gift, but decided he needed just a little handmade love too. He has a very drafty closet in his room so I made him a felted snake to keep the cold (and the monsters) out of his room. It was a huge hit! Of course, as soon as Sydney saw she insisted on one of her own - in pink of course!
Each snake took about an hour from start to finish. The most time consuming part was picking out which sweaters to use! They are both stuffed with a combination of poly-fil and rice and weigh just enough so they seem pretty real. I really didn't anticipate the level of play these were going to endure. If I made them again I would reinforce them a bit more. Also Sydney's snake's head was made from a cabled sweater that wasn't felted far enough, so from time to time a piece of rice escapes. Someday I might take it apart and line it, but so far she hasn't let it out of her sight long enough to accomplish this. My nephew's snake was made with pieces that were 12" wide, and was meant to be used as a draft blocker. Sydney's was only 8" wide because I knew she would mostly play with it. As an added bonus these work great as a neck pillow in the car for both kids and grownups!


Steph in Canada said...

These are fantastic!

At first I thought they were made from wool socks.

amandajean said...

you amaze me, roxy!!! at one point i think i promised one of my sons a snake. i'm sure it would get a lot of use. they are both just great!!!

Melissa Haworth said...

great idea! I've bookmarked this page for sure (we have a drafty house)

Heather said...

After seeing your photos even I want a felted snake draft dodger...and I'm, erm...slightly older than 6. ;-)