Thursday, August 13, 2009

A little freshening up

It was time to freshen things up in my living room. Remember this? Seems art in this spot has a shelf life of about a year. Anyway, here's my latest version.

I like that I can change things up a little just by swapping out a few pictures rather than starting from scratch. We'll see how long this one lasts!

A few notes, not that you were going to ask, just because I can actually remember right now! From bottom left, going clockwise:

  • original art from Sydney displayed on a magnet board made with metal roof flashing
  • a matryoshka doll from my grandma displayed on a shadow box shelf
  • scrapbook paper in a shiny frame
  • Sydney crossing a bridge last summer in Alexandria, MN
  • Looking up a tree, last summer, Edward Lake, MN or was it Lake Edward?
  • Fabric on embroidery hoop
  • Lily pads at the lake last summer
  • Sydney's folded hands at 3 days old
  • An abandoned bird's nest we found in the yard this spring, displayed in a shadow box
  • My sister's photography
  • Patterned paper from Paper Source


amandajean said...

it's so lovely! i have some blank walls. wanna come help me fill them? please??

I Am Very Mary said...

That is truly genius!