Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I started this vest for Sydney while I was hiding out from the water at my mom and dad's. It's made from this free pattern from Lion Brand and only took 1 big skein of yarn. I really like how it turned out, especially the color variation of the yarn - it striped perfectly! But of course, it doesn't really fit that great. I'm debating trying some blocking methods I've read about but am a little nervous (it's acrylic yarn and the methods involve a hot steaming iron.) It's actually getting to warm for it now anyway, so I think I'll just wait and be brave next fall. Otherwise I have a cute little niece that just might like it too!

On a side note, I am no longer scared to "pick up stitches." The ribbing around the arms and neck was all picked up and knit after the rest of the vest was done. A little daunting, but really not as hard as it sounds.


amandajean said...

it turned out cute! i love self striping yarn. :)

Katherine said...

oh, this is delicious looking! so fresh and pretty in shades of pink.
maybe I should send my knitting wish list your way? ;o)

The March's said...

I think little Lou Lou would be cute in that, but who knows were her cute belly if it will fit either! You do an amazing job with all that you do! :)