Monday, February 9, 2009

Knitting Round Up

Last week I tried to spread out all my knitting projects, but then never actually posted the rest. And now I'm working on other stuff I want to share, so we are going to do the extra long round up post today and move on already!

First up, a cabled cowl from this pattern. Knit with Lion Brand Thick and Quick. And it is thick and quick. If I make this pattern again, and I think I will, I would add another row of cables to make it a little taller. This was knit flat so you just have to sew up the side seam when you are done. Super easy! A great first project for making cables.

Second are these slippers (also Thick and Quick.) My mom gave me the pattern. It was one of my great grandma's favorites. It is also super easy and quick. Again, knit flat and sewn up. It's really fun using a pattern with so much history! I'm going to try and figure out if the copyright is still valid on this pattern. Hopefully I can share it with you soon.
And lastly, a work in progress. This is another cowl made with this cable pattern only worked in the round. (You need to sign into Ravelry to view this one.) I had one ball of very special yarn and I'm hoping it will be just enough to finish this project. It's pretty slow going on this one though!
Alright, that's it. All caught up.


Katherine said...

Wow! You have been keeping those knitting needles busy, Roxanne. Fabulous projects. I'm loving your current work on the needles. Pretty, pretty yarn. Oh, swoon, do I see some cables...? Such a lovely design.

Anonymous said...

Those are great! Look at you cranking out projects!

Queenly Things said...

Oh, you have gotten so good at this knitty thing. I am so determined to learn this year. I love the beautiful color of the last piece. And a cowl is the perfect size piece. I have a few patterns for them saved on Ravelry.

amandajean said...

i think i know and love those slippers. my grandma and great aunts knit some like that a long time ago. i hope you can post the pattern. i'd be very interested in learning how to make them. :)